I have been following three stories in the past week. Not just because they are spine-chilling in their own right. They are. But because they are connected. And. I dunno. Maybe I’m the only one who sees it? And maybe the lesson is. In a time of fake news, big data, the NSA and big guys screwing with the little guys. We need all of us to be keeping our eyes open.

Story One – The British Conservative Party receiving dickey donations from a dickey company by way of a dickey bank.

Story Two – The British and US governments, their intelligence agencies, consumer technology giants and computer scientists bringing psyops to a family-friendly computer near you.

Story Three – How a restaurant-owner in Washington, DC seems to be ahead of all of the mainstream outlets in exposing the truths at the heart of the Trump-Russia link.

So. What’s the connection? Hmm. Well. If you look deeper. Er. And I have. Story Two is actually about how Margaret Thatcher let British Intelligence use the psyops they had honed in Northern Ireland to help her capture the leadership of the British Conservative Party, and then become Prime Minister in 1979.

In return for which said British Intelligence was given carte blanche to do what it liked. Which primarily involved going into business to make money, rather than keeping Great Britain safe. Which said business primarily involved the sale of arms, and the attendant kickbacks. To said British Intelligence and the defense contractors. And also to the civil servants and politicians who either facilitated said arms sales, or turned a blind eye.

Story Two amounts to no more than an update. How the psyops used by the cabal of British government ministers, politicians, civil servants, defense contractors and intelligence officers to keep their massive (and continuing) corruption hidden, turned it up a notch, and became digitalized. Oh. And how other countries, notably the US, are using it to pursue their own nefarious, hidden agendas. Yes. The tinfoil hat is well and truly screwed on tight, thank you.

Story One is actually about how, when Thatcher was ditched by her Party in 1990, a group of British millionaires and billionaires conspired to take over the British Conservative Party, so that, when it returned to power, they could continue wIth their lucrative arms dealing. [***]

OMG. I hear you say. You would really have us believe that this ‘cabal’ could take over a country (like Great Britain), and would then turn it on its head, just to make a few hundred million in arms bribes?

Um. Yes.

OMG. I hear you say. You would really have us believe that a country, the size of the US, could be conned by a combination of military-intelligence types, working with consumer technology companies like Facebook, could be conned by ‘psyops’ into voting for Donald Trump?

Um. Yes.

Ok. So, what’s the connection with Story Three? Oh. That would be me. Jeff Jetton is doing what I did. Taking it upon himself to be a citizen journalist. A citizen activist. Not accepting the nonsense around him. And deciding to do something about it.

To be sure. I wish I had the profile he has. Perhaps it’s the issue. Perhaps it’s the timing. Maybe I’m not as good-looking. But I wish him the best. I’ll continue to plug my book, and try to keep a still-unfinished investigation going.

But again, the real moral here is: don’t believe what you read, don’t leave it to others. Don’t just sit on Facebook and whine (for God’s sake, not Facebook; are you listening to anything you’re being told about Facebook?). Get off you’re a** and make things happen yourself. And make them effective.

[*** Oh yeah. If you want to find out how I know more about Story One and Story Two, you guessed it, you’re gonna have to buy The Book.]

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