Will the grown-up in the room please stand up? Any grown-up will do.

I was taken to task last week for suggesting that political games were being played at the highest levels within and around the US government, with national security the hostage being held to fortune.

And yet. Here we go again.

I’ve read this NYTimes story, supposedly giving details of the Trump-Lavrov-Kislyak meeting, three times so far. And I still can’t make any sense of it.

Apparently two different ‘American officials’ briefed the NYTimes verbally. Allegedly from a ‘White House document’ described as being ‘the official account of the meeting.’

Which officials? What document? What official account?

Then, Sean Spicer ‘did not dispute the account.’ Suggesting that: “Once again, the real story is that our national security has been undermined by the leaking of private and highly classified conversations.”

Which leaking? Trump’s? His staff’s? These officials? Other US Intel officials and/or US Defense Department officials pissed at Trump?

And finally, a ‘third government official briefed on the meeting’ starts laying out in some detail US negotiating tactics with the Russians on matters of national security.

All I can say is that there is more than one ‘nut job’ in Washington at the moment.

You don’t play games with national security. Not Trump. Not his staff. Not US officials who are pissed with him. Not the Washington press corps.

One more time. There were only a handful of people in the meeting between Trump and Lavrov. There was no danger of a ‘leak’ due to an overfull room.

What has been happening all this past week has been various players, on both sides of the Trump divide, using national security as a weapon of mutual destruction, in a dangerous game of political musical chairs.

We’ve already concluded that Trump is a child. However, when he or his minions start leaking information injurious to national security, the rest of us should be grown-up enough to call him out. To lessen the possibility of damage.

When we don’t. When we, in our eagerness to paint Trump a clown, in fact enable Trump and his troops, by splashing this harmful information all over the front page of CNN and the NYTimes (I’m just too numb to check any other media outlets). We simply join him in disappearing down the rabbit’s hole. And we put our national security further at risk.

The net result? Ordinary folk look at Washington, and conclude that the whole rotten mess is just a nest of ignorant, mean-spirited, dangerous vipers.

And the overall winner? Trump. Because he is the one saying it’s a next of vipers.

When will those who oppose Trump get the message? You do not. We do not. Defeat Trump by engaging in his gameplay. He’s better at it than we are. And then ordinary Americans can’t tell the difference between us.

Huge, big, weekend sigh …

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