Nothing is real until it is proven. No-one is impeached until the last vote is counted. No expose is worth a dingbat without evidence. But. I’ve been saying since the Trump-Russia story first broke that this was all about much more than hacking. It appears I may have been right. Um. Read on.

We all know about the alleged BuzzFeed dossier that was behind the infamous private briefing of then President Obama. But not too many of us have actually seen it.

I have now been sent a link (by twinnsie, Maggi Gilson, many thanks), which leads to a story written by one Grant Stern, that appears to ‘decode’ some of the elements of that dossier.

Suggesting that, indeed, the connections behind the Trump-Russia association predated the Presidential election of 2016 by many years. And had to do with money. Um. I did say this would all end up to do with money.

In his story, Stern refers to a 40-page report by an organization called The Democracy Coalition, which report also purports to analyze the BuzzFeed dossier, and also alleges that the Trump-Russia association is and always was primarily about money.

So. Why hasn’t all of this been hitting mainstream politics and media more emphatically? Possibly because of the full extent of the likely fallout. It ain’t just Trump. Senior operatives within the Republican party have either been involved, or, more generally, have been aware of the possible damage, and have been sitting on it.

Look no further than Rudy Giuliani, a close campaign surrogate for Trump, at one point a leading candidate for Attorney-General, and just recently touted as a possible Director of the FBI.

Could it be that he has made so little progress with those ambitions because he is now walking toxin?

In fact, posit further. Could it be that all of the alleged participants, from Manafort to Flynn to Giuliani, et al, all of them were given Trump positions to keep them close, and were then cut loose, when they got too hot?

Stretch back, and posit even further. Many of the more recent and possibly more poisonous occurrences the primary subject of the revelations were taking place during the Republican primary and the General Election itself.

Remember the former press secretary for Trump’s early campaign, who said that Trump never wanted to to win? Could it have been that Trump’s campaign was never supposed to have gotten anywhere? Precisely because he was up to his neck in this huge and iffy deal? And that, by the time his success came to its unnatural conclusion, he was faced with the mother of all conflicts that needed covering up?

You may remember that, when I was suggesting there was more to this story, I said it was a gut thing. I’d seen behavior like this before. When the real story behind the apparent story is much bigger. And so potentially devastating. That no-one wants it to come out. So that. What you see are lots of hushed whispers, lowered eyes, backward glances. But no hard evidence.

Ok. Get your teeth into all of this. All of it. And make of it what you will. None of this is my investigation. I make no claims. But a few points and caveats.

Nothing is over until there are fat ladies singing. The fat ladies, at the moment, are still only on the horizon. They haven’t yet picked up any microphones.

I do not know who Grant Stern is. He may be a flake. It may be that none of this is hitting the mainstream media because the sources and/or the information and/or other leads do not hold up. Because criminal investigations are still active. Or because matters of national security are involved (which would represent the first time in this unfolding and sorry saga that anyone actually behaved responsibly).

The co-founder of The Democracy Coalition is one Scott Dworkin, a fellow Democrat and musician from North Carolina. Before the Coalition, Scott was the Deputy Director of the 2012 Democratic Convention, held in Charlotte, NC. So, let’s be quite clear. Politics is involved.

The story is by no means over. Stern ends one of his reports saying this:

“There’s no way a deal of this magnitude would completely envelop the Trump Campaign, its manager, its outside affiliates and inside agents so thoroughly, without the principal or head of a group knowing that something was happening.

Any reasonable person would have to conclude that Donald Trump is the FBI’s target, based upon the bevy of circumstantial evidence tying RNC campaign events to Russian oil, economic sanctions, and the simmering conflict in Ukraine.

Nearly three decades ago, Trump admitted on national television to participating in a straw-man transaction with the Sultan of Brunei and infamous Iran-Contra middleman Adnan Khashoggi, through which he acquired a large yacht, so we’ve got proof that the Trump Organization has engaged these kinds of multi-national transactions in the Middle East.

The most important commodity traded in the oil business or politics is money.

The privatization deal described in Christopher Steele’s dossier has played out on the pages of Bloomberg and Reuters for a year — shows that there was a whole lot of money in brokering oil deals for Donald Trump’s associates, and a rapid profit by Qatar if sanctions are released this year.

The only question that’s not even pondered in these many public reports, and which must be a central focus of the American intelligence community’s investigations:

Where is the $500 million dollar brokerage fee today?

Where did the other $2 billion dollars come from?

What is Donald Trump’s true role in the deal?”

There may be further yet to go. It may involve more money. It may involve money-laundering. It may involve kickbacks and bribes. That would hardly be unusual. There may be more well-known participants yet to be uncovered. And it may well come to light that the circle of knowledge spreads beyond those already mentioned and to other political parties.

We’ll just have to see. But that’s enough for one Saturday afternoon.

(A side issue. I have been making some other connections in recent weeks. About psyops and politics in the UK and the US. And during the 2016 US Presidential election in particular.

Tucked away in all of the above is testimony about psyops, Trump and Russia in 2016.)

(Facebook comments here.)


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