Ok. Whether you are a believer or not. Here is a primer of what those who do believe in a New World Order, um, do believe. Plus, how and why ‘The Donald’ may now be attempting to pull the strings.

Remember. All you need is for two people to believe what, er, you don’t believe. And you have the conspiracy you don’t believe in. After that, all that makes it powerful, is more believers, more wannabes, and time. There are those who believe the time has been at least a thousand years. A lot of time. Possibly, a lot of power?

Still with me?

Right. The short version. Ancient mysteries. Ancient powers. some think, UFO’s and aliens. Jesus. The meeting point for certain beliefs, rebellion against the then supreme world superpower (Roman Empire) and royalty (he was actually of the Royal House of David).

Jesus dies (maybe). His legacy divides. Mother, kids and Gnostic beliefs to south of France. Knights Templar. Priory of Sion. Illuminati. Freemasons. New World Order. Council on Foreign Relations. Etc.

‘Mainstream’ religious beliefs, via disciples and Peter, to Rome. Catholic Church. Knights of Malta. Opus Dei. Centuries of conflict with above. Then, further opposition with breakaway Protestantism. Knights of St. John. Lazarus. Etc.

Other ‘conspiracies’ form. To counteract above. CIA-led ‘Pax Americana.’ To Neo-Cons. And finally, possibly to ‘Pax Trumpicana.’ At least, that is the premise of this blog. That Trump knows about all of the above. And decided, who knows when, that he’d like to muscle in. And create his own New Trump Order. Read on (especially the very first blog post) …